Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Navel Radiation

A BMC workshop with Alice Cummins at Studio 14 in Chippendale Sydney.

24th April - 26th April 2010

It was a workshop full of amazing realisations.  We created a sacred space and bore witness to each other - holding each other with our fullest attention.  Allowing our old hard shells that had outworn their use to be shed and to test out the new soft shell that lay beneath - elastic and pliable, soft and porous - fragile but with promise to hold and support a new way of being.

We looked at starfish and studied how they both extend and bring into their centre, but the whole of the workshop seemed to be imbued with a distinctly aquatic feel.  The studio had no windows, and we forgot about the sun and submerged ourselves in the work.

We moved in a silent underwater world, no air to carry the speech and yet so much carried in the currents and the tides.  The fluid inside me responds.

The last dance was one done in partners with one person supporting the other's kidneys.  A cellular touch, being present in touch, one soul to another, and nothing else.  I am you and you are me for this dance.  There is no giver nor receiver and and that is the red herring of cellular touch.  As the one who touches you "assume" you "hold" and "support" the person you have in your hand but what a surprise it is when you are touched back; when they "allow" your touch to enter and join them in the dance you now dance together.  The current runs through you, runs through me.

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